Tipping Point

Tipping Point

How might we combat information paralysis among young students by increasing their confidence in their pre-existing knowledge?

Design project with Teah Brands, Ginger Zhao and Kelli Ngyuen

Mid 2017 / Evanston, Illinois

Interaction design

Building on the insights of Pears to Pairs, we designed a game app that replaces individual nouns in headlines from major U.S. news sources and asks players to select from multiple choices.

Created using Sketch and Principle, the game was designed in consideration of our “conveyor belt model,” which suggests there exists a tipping point when individuals switch from wavering uncertainty into definite action.

While other members of my team worked on the designing the back-end system and the copy of the questions, I focused on designing the visual layout of the app and the user experience navigating through the app — focusing on feedback to users throughout the game process.

In particular, we used green to signify correct answers, but used grays and muted colors to significant incorrect answers.

This furthered our design goal to avoid discouraging users by validating their correct answers but not invalidating their incorrect responses.

Sample news questions

Back-end designs


Final presentation slides