I’m looking for employment opportunities to work on designing and developing technology products and applications, either made by or made for journalism publications. Hire me!

I’m graduating in March 2019 a major in journalism, a minor in computer science, and a certificate in human-centered design from Northwestern University. I was a news design intern at The Washington Post and a new media products intern at The Chicago Sun-Times.

Photo by Anthony Jakubiak

What I like to do

Work with your information.

I love to combine many sources to recognize patterns and derive insights, such as when I used Starbucks locations to estimate income and wealth, or when I analysed design interviews to realise people’s disengagement with politics could be modelled with a conveyor belt.

Develop strategy and future-planning.

I anticipate the future and prepare for potential obstacles, as well as develop plans for avoiding them.

For example, I established the first set of editorial policies for North by Northwestern while publisher of the campus newsmagazine.

Work across disciplines.

My college transcript has many annotations because I love being able to work with and learn many different things.

Because of this, I’m practiced at communicating with engineers and non-engineers. The most fun I had was when I produced the sponorship packet for campus engineering racecar team Northwestern Formula Racing.

Learn new things.

I have a foundational knowledge of a lot of skills and topics, which means I can make connections and rapidly pick up more expert skills.

I went from knowing nothing about Python’s sockets package to completing a working HTTP server in a day.

Be nerdy.

My PGP key ID is A839 BE2C. My favorite planet is Jupiter. I once tweeted all the U.S. state capitals and the state AP style abbreviations to prove I knew them all.

Hard skills

While those are my softer skills, I’m comfortable with the following things:

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • Git
  • C, C++, C#
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro

See my resume or my LinkedIn profile for details.

I'm looking for...


a kind, talented, diverse and inclusive team, willing to take on a youngling fresh out of college


trying to make the world a better place, either directly or indirectly


around spring 2019



specifically, any city where I can easily get by without a car. I’m currently in Evanston, Illinois (suburb of Chicago), I love San Francisco, and I adore Washington, D.C.

Wish list

In addition, this is my list of would-be-nices (but not musts!):

  • opportunity to work in many different disciplines (design, development, data, product, front-end, back-end, engineering, writing)
  • a sustainable/improving business model
  • a culture of defaulting to openness
  • salary transparency within the org (and during hiring)
  • a commitment to taking action to improve diversity/inclusivity

Get in touch!

Are you hiring? Would you like to see some more examples of my work? Do you know an organization I might be interested in?

Say hello: leo@leoji.dev or @theleoji. Or check out my more extensive portfolio!

My greatest thanks to Cathy Deng for permitting everyone to adapt her idea for a reverse job posting.